About the Artist

Deep bow to you.  Welcome.


My name is Louise Williams.  I have a deep fascination with all parts of the human experience.

I look at life a little differently to most.

I see you in a way that you have always dreamed of being 'seen'.

I am proud to offer a photographic experience that is equal parts of FUN + DISCOVERY.

I am a facilitator of life-twisting experiences.  I create memorable moments that redefine how we see ourselves.
I want to have a conversation with your deepest desires.  Even the desires that you aren’t so familiar with – yet.

I am inspired by what is most important in your life.
Guiding you to fall in love with yourself, with your family, your furbabies and your business/work.
Today’s life can feel lonely.  We are connected in so many ways technologically speaking.  But we are disconnected, oversaturated, downloaded, stimulated, upgraded.
I want to interrupt the disconnection you feel.

Let’s take the focus away from quantity + accumulation.
My goal is simplification + singular moments of great awe!
What lights up your world?  I want to discover this with you.
I want to gently nudge you out of your ‘busy’ slumber.
Wake you up to the full realisation of how amazing you are as a pretty darn awesome human being.
Stretch you beyond your comfort zone, with sensitivity, lots of humour, a huge dose of empathy, and all mixed together with 15+ years experience in a previous life as a Psychologist.

I pride myself on occupying the space outside the usual ‘square’ that most people find themselves in.
I can also meet you right in the middle of that ‘square’. Guiding you through your own version of your transformation.
I meet my clients wherever they arrive in their own version of readiness.  They end up with some pretty cool realisations about themselves and what they are capable of.

My wish for both you and I is to OWN who we are as people, with no hesitation and no apology necessary!
So! Get in touch and let’s start getting to know who the real YOU is.
Would the real you please stand up?!!  Let’s begin!

Golden space, compassion and light …

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