Visual Branding & Mentoring for Entrepreneurs looking for something Extraordinary!

Presence + Mindset + Visibility

The Branding Discovery Session

This Discovery Session is one of the most powerful and grounding in-person sessions you could gift to yourself as a soulful entrepreneur. Together we explore how you and your business intertwine, and we clarify HOW you want to be truly seen over the next 18 months.

These are the most insightful TWO HOURS that you will spend future visioning your business.  With a mixture of business planning and mindset work, you will leave this session feeling better prepared to move your business up to the next level of success.

If you are not quite ready to dive into a Photographic Experience with Emotive Images, but you want to raise your energy and your business energy, then this Discovery Session will be the perfect beginning!

If you intend to commission a Photographic Experience with Emotive Images, then this Discovery Session is integral to the success of the whole process.  After experiencing this session, you will be crystal clear about your brand identity, excited about your business branding photographs and 100% ready to back yourself in a way that will invite abundant opportunities to make themselves known to you.

Past clients have called these sessions "powerful beyond words", "life changing", and "totally exciting to experience a shift finally in their business".

The Complete Clarity + Visibility + Mindset Branding Experience


  • Access to extensive MENTORING over a series of weeks, highly personalised to your needs and goals, preparing you fully to achieve the most out of your photographic experience
  • 3+ HOURS in the Photography Studio, with full guidance of how to pose to bring the best out of your branding
  • Up to 3 outfit changes
  • A 2 hour DESIGN CONSULT less than 1 week after your photographic experience, to select your best Branding Photographs to match your marketing plans for the next 18 months
  • TWELVE (12) BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHS fully aligned to your Business, supplied to you in both High Resolution (for PRINT) and Low Resolution (for WEB)
  • An empowering and outcomes focused STRATEGY SESSION to provide you with a clear direction of how to get the most out of your brand new visual marketing portfolio
  • Multiple CUSTOM MADE marketing files. supplied ready to use immediately, so that you can gain and maintain momentum in your branding

This Branding Experience is every bit that the name implies.  It is a complete refresh of your visual branding, clarity around your branding message, and aligning your confidence levels with your brand new photographs.

You are supported throughout the entire process, from an in-depth Discovery Session and after meeting support, with a thorough look through all of your marketing plans right now and for the next 18 months.

As we begin to put the puzzle pieces together of WHO you are as an expert in your field, we intuitively create a comprehensive visual plan for HOW you want to be seen by your ideal client.

This process is not for someone who wants a quick headshot and all complete in a matter of days.  This entire experience can take several weeks.

You will receive considerable mindset mentoring to help you get up to speed with the enormous presence that we are about to inject into your business branding.

This experience also includes a multifaceted approach to supporting you on many different levels, to give you the best possible momentum for getting your business out there to the world.

The world needs your gifts, and we are about to put the largest megaphone against your heart full of vision, and make the wildest splash.  Your ideal client will SEE you, UNDERSTAND you, WANT to engage with you, and FEEL that you are the obvious choice for their needs.

100% Presence + Mindset = Visibility & Success

Personality Headshot Session


  • 1 HOUR in the Photography Studio, with tips on how to connect to empowered posing and micro expressions to create Headshots with Presence
  • 1 clothing choice
  • A 1 hour DESIGN CONSULT less than 1 week after your photographic experience, to select your best Headshots
  • FIVE (5) HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHS, supplied to you in both High Resolution (for PRINT) and Low Resolution (for WEB)
  • A 1/2 hour STRATEGY SESSION to provide you with a clear direction of how to use your new headshots

This session is for you if you're seeking a strong foundation with your new business branding, but you aren't quite ready for the full branding experience.  This session is perfect for creating a cohesive and professional looking online presence on each of your social media platforms, website and business cards.  It is a dynamic way of getting you in front of your ideal client quickly and professionally.

The perfect beginning to your business adventure!  Let's play!

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