The Discovery Session

This Discovery Session is one of the most powerful and grounding in-person sessions you could gift to yourself. Together we explore how you and your priorities + struggles intertwine, and we clarify HOW you want to connect differently in your personal and work life.

These are the most insightful TWO HOURS that you will spend future visioning your self-identity and aspirations.  With a mixture of psychological tools and self-identity concepts, you will be challenged to truly SEE yourself in ways you have never seen before.

If you are not quite ready to dive into a Photographic Experience with Louise Williams, but you want to begin the process, then this Discovery Session will be the perfect beginning!

If you intend to commission a Photographic Experience with Emotive Images, then this Discovery Session is integral to the success of the whole process.  After experiencing this session, you will be crystal clear in many ways, excited about actually getting in front of the camera and 100% ready to back yourself in a way that will invite abundant opportunities to make themselves known to you.

Past clients have called these sessions "powerful beyond words", "life changing", and "totally exciting to experience a shift finally in their business".