Frequently Asked Questions

Are you waiting for your physical self to be “better” before being photographed?

“I’m not skinny enough…”

You will potentially never be 100% happy with your hips, your waist, your hair, your boobs, your smile or your skin.  Most people can find at least 1 thing that they aren’t happy with.  If you are truly honest with yourself, and set all of the expectations and unrealistic standards to the side, right in this moment in time, on this very day, you ARE the best possible version of yourself….and THAT is enough…..more than enough…..loving yourself for who you are right now is one of the hardest things to do, with all of society’s input nowadays, but if you can bring yourself to this headspace….than your happiness will have a longevity that far outweighs anyone else’s opinion about you.

“I’m not beautiful enough…”

Beauty is subjective.  Always has been.  You know how you look at your daughter, or a girlfriend, or a lover, and you see their beauty inside and out?  You adore their beauty in how they smile or how they talk about their holidays or how they eat that chocolate brownie at morning tea.  Beauty is SO so so much more than a physical representation.  Emotive Images is all about redefining beauty around the concept of authentic presence….when you are truly relaxed and being You authentically….your beauty shines brighter than any model in any of the 1000s of women’s magazines out there in the world!

“I don’t photograph very well…”

Challenge accepted! Pretty much every single woman I have photographed has said that, and every single time I have proven them wrong.  Again, if you are authentically present in the moment, give me the opportunity to photograph you, and prove you wrong!


Are you struggling to prioritise time for yourself in your day?

“I don’t have time for this…”

Can I ask you the question, how much time would you tell a friend to schedule in, to do something that would ultimately improve their self-confidence and serve as a role model for all of the younger women in their lives?

“I don’t deserve time-out for something like this…” 

This is such a common story for soooo many women….it relates to the next statement also…..I get it, I really do…..but enough is enough…..this is a revolution after all!  Time to interrupt this pattern of thinking once and for all!  Time to step up!

“I’m being selfish…”

Following on from the statement above… When will you invite a change in thought patterns to bring you into focus again?


Are you feeling low in confidence and stepping out of your comfort zone?

“I could never do something like this…”

You would be surprised at how strong you are, how bold you can be……you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.  Think about this project in chunks…..make the choice to be involved first (tick)…..then meet me for a stress free chat (tick)…..then we do lots of planning, until you are ready to do the shoot, and we just go for it (tick)……you arrive at the shoot, we chat for a little bit, we ease into the process….first 30 minutes are the “whatever minutes”…if the images don’t work, we just delete them…no pressure…..before you know it, the shoot is done and you were wondering what you were worried about (tick)

“I’m scared that I won’t like what I see…”

If you don’t like what you see, then I haven’t done my job properly….and not once have I had this issue with anyone I have photographed….I can hear you from here saying “there is always a first”….yes, I guess there could be….but with the amount of planning and getting to know you that I do before the shoot at the consultation session, I don’t leave anything to chance.

“I would just freeze in front of the camera, there is no point…” 

Yes, you could potentially freeze….lots of women do……but then we chat some more…maybe interrupt your thoughts on the day with some music and I tend to make fun at myself a little to distract you…..and all of a sudden you are 40 minutes into the shoot….and we have already nailed the shot we need!

“I’m not what they are looking for…”

Well, if you have read the above list of women I am looking for, and you have kept reading, then chances are that you ARE the type of person I am looking for! 🙂


Are you struggling to give yourself or receive compliments from others?

“I struggle to believe the nice things people say about me…”

This is only a thought pattern, rather than proof that you are right….sometimes it is safer to believe negative things about yourself… it means that you can be prepared for rejection or disappointment whenever it turns up in your life.  THIS project is exactly the type of revolution that you need!  It isn’t a full works Transformation Portrait, but it will help give you a bite-sized version of confidence boosting that could quite possibly create momentum in your life towards the positive!  What a gift to yourself!

“I am often saying negative things to myself about my appearance or my self-worth…”

Then you are in for quite a treat with this project, as it will revolutionise the language that you use when speaking about yourself.  All you need to do is take the chance and step towards this opportunity!

“I feel like the negative parts of me far outweigh the positive qualities…”

When we give focus to something in our lives, it begins to grow in significance and seems to take on a life of it’s own…and before you know it, you are believing that it is true.  This “I Am…” revolution is all about bringing focus back to the positive…..from there watch the momentum grow in your life!

See what others say about their experiences and the changes they have noticed in themselves since.

“I look at myself in the mirror and all I see are my flaws, what’s the point…”

The point my dear beautiful soul, is that you deserve so so much more than criticising yourself based on your physical appearance.  If I did that everyday, then I would never leave the house lol  This revolution is designed for YOU in mind…..because I ultimately want you to be able to look in the mirror and see a bold, courageous, strong and intelligent woman.  Each process I am going to walk you through will be about shifting your focus, adjusting your thinking, and opening your heart…


Are you afraid of making a statement or taking risks to stand out from the crowd?

“I don’t want people to think that, I think I’m all ‘that’ and full of myself…”

I hear this so many from so many of my clients…..usually in their initial consultation with me…..then we go through the process….they see their photos at their ordering session….and I never cease to be amazed at the change in attitude when they are viewing the photos of them, throwing caution to the wind, and boldly pushing that original thinking out the window.  My answer to you would be, if a friend or family member thinks that you think that you are all that and then some?  There might be a tiny smidge of jealousy there…..and if that is the case….then more power to you sister!  I will high five you and cheer you on from the sideline and walk right beside you at the gallery exhibition singing your praises.  To be honest, that feeling that you are describing isn’t a negative feeling……it’s actually called Self-Love and Self-Acceptance!!!!  The world needs more women with exactly those qualities, don’t you think!?! 😉

“I’m scared that my true self will not be captured properly in camera…”

I have a range of techniques I use to help ground you in the moment, and be authentic in how you are presenting yourself.  There will be no forced smiles or awkward poses…and you won’t be asked to do anything that isn’t 100% related to your style and personality.

“I don’t want to make a big deal out of myself and draw attention to me…”

This is a photographic project, which means that your face will be featured 🙂  There is no way of getting around that!  Well, there is, but that would require a veil….and we are only going to do that if it is representative of your culture or life in general 🙂  What I will say though is that nothing ever changes if you don’t do something different in your life.  If you are feeling under appreciated, unnoticed, invisible, insignificant……then this revolution is a perfect way to construct a new set of expectations in your life, for you and your loved ones.  Nothing comes of playing it safe!  While I will do everything in my power to provide you with a safe and professional environment…..what you are speaking about here is a thought construct, most likely centering around how you think others will see you and judge you.  I understand this better than anyone, it is one of my challenges in life.  I will be going on this journey with you, experiencing everything along side you.  I know better than anyone else also that, that which I fear most I need to run towards…..because as soon as I run away from it….it gains power…..and ultimately, my goal is for you and I to feel personal confidence that reaches well past the scope of this project.  If you allow me to, I would love to walk this journey with you!

website_separatorI can’t think of one woman I have ever photographed who has not said at least one of those things to themselves or to me during the planning of and during the shoot itself.  I say some of those things to myself just about every day.

It is human nature.  You are human.  You are imperfectly perfect exactly the way that you are.  THIS is why I want to photograph you.

Own your story, your self-talk, your image of yourself and then step forward and make a statement!

Be bold and show the world that facing your fears, facing your imperfections!  Believing in yourself is the ultimate form of resilience!

Beauty is a self belief that spreads through your bones / muscles / skin, the curve of your smile and the glint in your eye!   Tweet that!

I want you to realise your own self believe and have a tangible representation at the end of this project, to remind you every single day!