Love Letters

from our clients


The whole Business Branding process was quite cathartic in nature - from the discovery session where my journey of where I started, to the now and into the future was explored through to the viewing session where my photos were played on a BIG screen and where the transformation that occurred from the process I had been through was so evident in the photos and the way they were presented!  The whole experience felt like an unveiling of sorts together with an ownership and stepping into who I am and where I am going. The impact on my business is that I now feel I can pour more of "me" into my business with confidence and poise, that I have visual representations of my message; and of who I am and what I am like to work with. It personalises my branding. I feel as though it gives me permission to be at one with my branding and to be playful, professional, real and genuine.  I thought the whole process was nurturing, supportive, and working with me to produce something that was both the best representation of me and in my best interest.  My experience with Emotive Images has felt transformational - but not in the sense of becoming something different to who I am or something 'more', but transformational in that its okay to be seen as I am now and that all I have now is enough to achieve all that I have desired.Katrina from NewSky Consulting


It was a very moving experience for us emotionally, especially planning the shoot before Addison was born, but I remember laughing so much during the whole Newborn & Family Portrait process! Exploring our emotional connection with our unborn baby was both confronting and heartwarming at the same time. Openly discussing our fears, our joys, our excitement and our anxieties helped Adam and I understand each other's feelings more. Once she was here I think the whole experience emphasised how much she is a part of both us and who we are as individuals and as a family. I am so grateful for the experience we have had with Louise. It was a lot more than just a photoshoot, it was a journey of personal discovery for myself and Adam as new parents. Louise helped us capture our rainbow baby in a way which was fun, comfortable and meaningful to both of us.


My Business Branding experience was a stand out experience! Since putting the photos out in my social media, my profile has increased and organic likes to my business page and posts has greatly increased. People are now seeing what I do and many are commenting on the photos. Since using the photos with inspirational quotes (ie. Memes), some of the feedback is that I am an inspiration. It has also made it easier to create the memes and put me into them without wasting hours of choosing images and words. It was a session of connecting with the authentic core of who I am. It was fun and a space where I could let it all out!

Rhonda from The Creativity Queen


Emotive Images has become an institution in our family - Louise has provided us with a legacy of the most beautiful and evocative photos over several years now, most recently with the "James Bond" Transformation Experience with Alan - we know that these photos will live well beyond us, that they will be a highly treasured legacy for our children and beyond, and that much more that just a visual record, they have captured our family love and bond - priceless.

Found our inner Goddesses

The Transformation Portrait experience that my mother and I had with Louise was both the most confronting and rewarding photo's we've ever had taken. Mum and I started off REALLY nervous. Neither of us love our photo's being taken. But by the end of the day, both of us found our inner goddesses with Louise's encouragement and support. We now have got the most stunning photos to prove it. I would encourage anyone who wants pictures of either themselves, or their families to go to Louise and get it done. To do this with mum was an experience I won't forget and every time I see the pictures I'm reminded of the fun that we had that day!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Louise.

Sensitive & Beautiful

It has been such a privilege to be photographed by Louise. My first experience was fantastic - such great photos, sensitive and beautiful, as a tribute to my late dad. The second experience was when I was a subject for a wonderful series that Emotive Images did on cancer - the photo I was involved with was breath taking. The third sitting was a Three Generation Family Portrait of my mum and 2 girls. The photos were stunning, and captured the relationship between each of my girls and their grandma - such a precious gift to have. I cannot begin to thank Emotive Images for the gift the photos are! Don't put off capturing your moment with Louise - she is fabulous!

Blown away…

Having a photographic session with Louise Williams is a unique experience. I know of no-one in the photography industry that has the capacity to not only capture that special moment, but have the skills to put you in the most comfortable (and in some cases uncomfortable) position that you no longer are aware that your photo is being taken and immerse yourself into the moment. Kerrie and I invited Louise to capture our theme based 30th anniversary shoot and boy were we blown away by what was produced. We now not only have remarkable images to remember the day, but also the memories of a fun filled exhilarating experience.  Thank You Louise.

Stephen and Kerrie Butler

Reconnect with a part of who I am

From the moment my Transformation Portrait session was booked, I was so excited! I spoke with Louise about my ideas for the photographs and she made it clear from the start that the direction of the shoot was totally in my hands. She would run with my ideas and enhance them. I came to her with some pretty out there ideas and they transformed into awesome photos. Throughout the shoot I was relaxed and having so much fun and completely trusted Louise to do what she does best, which is bring out that hidden side we all have. I absolutely love every photo from the experience and wish that everyone could do this, even just once, because feeling confident in yourself is a priceless experience. Every time I see the photos I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. To put yourself out there and reveal sides of who you are is a very daunting task for most people. But to have done it and to have my photos on display in my home is a huge thing. The whole process was a way for me to reconnect with a part of who I am that used to be hidden away. But at the same time I look at the photos as a way of seeing how far I have come in my life. From when I had them taken I have lost weight, gained confidence and a new outlook on life. I am no longer sitting and waiting for things to happen “to” me, I am actually doing the things I want.