Does a Leopard change it’s spots? ¬†At Emotive Images they do – often and with attitude!!

We bring your dreams and visions to photographic life and align them with your truest sense of who you are right in this moment and beyond.

About the Artist


Nice to meet you

I will often ask people when I meet them "So, what lights you up?"

For me, what lights me up....

Definitely my furbaby, glossy paint on canvas + loud music, movies that take me on an adventure, music that stirs me, clients who cry happy tears as they view their transformation photos on a huge screen in my cosy studio/loungeroom, chocolate (cannot forget chocolate) and the fresh crispness of autumn + spring in Brisbane.  I learned many years ago, after owning a thriving psychology practice, that it is so important to see the amazing things in the day-to-day of life....