Emotive Images is a Brisbane Photography Studio that specialises in Transformational Photography.

Award winning Accredited Professional Photographer, Louise Williams, brings with her over a decade worth of practice as a Psychologist, as well as a lifetime of artistic expression, to offer a holistic, professional experience for her clients.

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Louise guides her clients to establish a sense of purpose and reason for being in front of the camera….aligning this purpose for the photo shoot with an animation of their true emotion.

Emotive Images helps women transform their view of themselves and brings them closer to acknowledging their true, authentic self.  This inner change within their concept of their ‘self’, is then coaxed outwards and nourished and supported, both before their photo shoot, during the photo shoot and afterwards when viewing their photos.

Imagine when you are dancing to a favourite song of yours, that really inspires your body to move freely and with joy.  The emotions that you feel when you dance, usually relate to feeling free and at peace with yourself in that very moment.

The music purely helps you let go and leave your inhibitions behind, even if it is just for that moment.

What Louise does for her clients is very similar to this experience with dancing, but instead, the vehicle of transformation / freedom / joy is a series of processes and techniques that Louise walks her clients through, and the end product are photographic images that remind her clients of that moment in time.

The images become a symbol and a reminder of how each client let go, brought themselves closer to their authentic self….with absolutely no hesitation and no apology.

It is the ultimate experience in self-expression, while being guided by someone who is professional and respectful of the steps that each client needs to take to embrace how they want to be seen by the world!


We take the raw beauty you hold inside,

And coax and tease you not to hide.

From the person you are, the true essence of life,

The daughter, the mother, the granny, the wife.

We help you to see who you truly are,

Beautiful, youthful and glamorous by far.

The photos we take, human art in a frame.

Emotive Images by nature, Emotive Images by name.

~ a poem written for Emotive Images by one of our beautiful Glamour clients ~ Sharon